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Billing update:


We are currently living in unprecedented times and we are reminded of that nearly every day. With that being said we understand the financial strains that have been put on people across the state and country. Bethany Special Utility District would like to help as best we can. We are offering payment arrangements to our customers to help ease the financial strain during this time.

 If you have not made your payment that was due on July 10th, you have until Saturday July 25th to make your payment. If you would like call Laura and set up a payment arrangement she would be more than happy to help. She can be reached at 817-939-1331. If you would like to make a payment you can call Tammy at 817-689-3677. Making a payment or a payment arrangement will keep you from having your water turned off on Monday July 27th. If the water is cutoff there is a $50.00 trip/reconnection fee that will have to be added to your bill and paid before the water can be turned back on.